Behind the Music

DLU Kemp was and still is strongly influenced towards music based on the hardships he had to endure in his life. Accompanied by his pain is where he held his music.

His signature style is instantly recognizable and is becoming a sound that others are beginning to emulate. With his name becoming increasingly heard on a national stage, his career is at an important crossroads that could see himself bursting onto the international charts.


DLU Kemp

neglected to fame

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About DLU Kemp

Greatness Awaits Those Who Are Patient

DLU Kemp was born Skylar Kemper January 12th, 2001 in Jonesboro Arkansas. He started music in highschool and has been earning the admiration and affection of fans since 2016. After dropping out of highschool to pursue his music career he turned to the street life, robbing and violence. However in 2021 he would bring his music to life with a hit single ‘This Is Why Im Hot’ and accumulate over 70 thousand followers in a month.

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